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Vetico on tour: from Monaco to Vienna, via Cannes

Last week was a special time for Vetico. We attended not one, not two, but three international trade fairs! We were in Monaco on Monday, Cannes on Tuesday, and Vienna on Wednesday. Chief Commercial Officer Mark van der Burgt gives you a brief rundown of our tour.

LUXE PACK – Monaco
“The name says it all: this is the trade fair for luxury packaging. We came here to speak to strategic suppliers on behalf of Vetico Care. It was good to see so many of them actively tackling sustainability recognition. We were also here to explore new materials and innovations for our clients. It was a great trade fair!”

“One critical note, however: there weren’t any real innovations on show. I had expected to see developments in techniques such as wet molding for trays, for example, but there weren’t any. So we’ll continue to investigate the possibilities and obstacles ourselves, in our Innovation Center.”

TFWA – Cannes
“We’ve been coming to the duty-free and travel retail trade fair for 15 years now. Just as in previous years, this year was all about recognition. We saw ‘our’ packaging everywhere and encountered almost all of our Vetico Food clients from the chocolate and confectionary world, such as Mars, Mondelēz, Haribo, Nestlé, Perfetti Van Melle and Storck.”

“The cherry on the cake at this event was having Nestlé thank us after receiving the Supplier of the Year award. Other than that, we came away with a large quantity of product development homework. Watch this space...”

EACTS – Vienna
“EACTS is the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, so we left for Vienna with our Vetico Medical cap on and a number of goals in mind. For example, we wanted to introduce Joergen Pleijte to clients, prospective clients and distributors, as well as updating them on the cooperation between ECM Europe and Vetico.”

“This was also a fantastic opportunity to learn about everything that’s happening in the field of cardio-thoracic surgery. Our conclusion: there are plenty of growth opportunities for ECM to explore!”

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