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Medical tubing systems

ECM develops and produces custom packs, also known as Medical Tubing Systems. These packs / sets are used by specialists in hospitals all over Europe.

By working closely with external parties, amongst others, we are able to create a shorter lead time. This means we can get our products into the market in a timely manner. Since 1992 ECM can proudly say that we have become the best partner in customized medical tubing systems. This was made possible by our qualified workforce along with our knowledge and experience in a professional environment.

These tubing sets are used for the following applications, among others:

  • Open heart surgery;
  • Intervention cardiology;
    • CT injector sets;
    • Patient lines;
    • Custom made pressure sets;
  • Patient temperature heating systems;
  • Ophthalmology;
  • Organ transplantation;
  • Preparation of medication.
The tubing sets are produced and packed according to the customer's wishes. ECM can supply the customer with a complete set, but we can also create a set that consists of separate sets / packs, in combination with different components.
For example: A cardioplegia set, a hemofilter set, a table set and a machine set. These sets can be combined and packed in a tray, or individually packed upon the customer’s request.

ECM has more than 1,000 different types of raw materials in stock for the composition of a Medical Tubing Set. Some examples of these raw materials are:
  • Reservoirs and filters from various companies;
  • Tubing in different sizes, colors and compositions from different suppliers;
  • Packaging materials in different shapes and sizes, including trays that can be packed top-sealed.
These tubing sets can be produced and supplied under ECM CE or OEM.