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Tubing sets for XVIVO

XVIVO is an organization that gathers academic knowledge intended for organ transplants. With this knowledge they have managed to improve the quality of an organ and save precious time throughout the whole transplantation procedure. They have developed unique perfusion equipment that, to date, has made it possible to perform more than 2,000 clinical kidney, liver and lung procedures. XVIVO was looking for a new partner to help them improve the quality, flexibility and reliability of their existing set.

ECM's role in the process
XVIVO was looking for ways to improve their current set. Together we took a critical look at the different options we had. It was our aim to create a reference set that, with a few minor adjustments, could still be used for other Organ transplants. ECM Europe managed to create extra functions and made improvements to the packaging, guaranteeing a better quality throughout the process. In the final phase, ECM invited a perfusionist (end user) to critically examine the design of the reference sample that we produced. It is crucial that the end result meets all the requirements. For ECM there was only one way to find this out, and the best person to ask was the one that has to work with the final product (the perfusionist).

ECM activities
- Co-development of design;
- Finding raw materials;
- Procurement;
- Production and assembly;
- Quality and support in certification (ISO, CE and FDA);
- Packaging.

XVIVO about ECM Europe BV

"“In ECM we have found an experienced and flexible high quality partner for the medium sized medical tubing sets in our portfolio of organ perfusion equipment. Our patients demand the highest possible safety and quality standards for the treatment of their new organs, we expect nothing less from ECM as a critical supplier. With ECM as a strong partner in perfusion on our side, we can remain a leader in perfusion. "