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Tubing sets for The Surgical Company

The Surgical Company, Patient Temperature Management Division, is a leading international company that specializes in sets used to regulate the patients temperature and is active in 55 different countries.

 Its portfolio includes products for maintaining a consistent body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius for patients before, during and after surgery, thus preventing unintentional perioperative hypothermia. This can potentially lead to the reduction in the number of surgical wound infections, with a decrease in the  length of hospitalization.

In addition to warm air blankets and blowers, The Surgical Company also has a range of blood and fluid warmers in their assortment. These products enable blood and fluids to be warmed up before being administered to the patient. The corresponding sets are produced and assembled by ECM Europe. With a mixture of high-grade materials and the consistent quality of experienced employees, ECM Europe and The Surgical Company have succeeded in delivering a high-quality set, that is safe, accurate and comfortable for the patient.

ECM's role in the process
The certified tubing set along with its design, was handed over to ECM by The Surgical Company. It only took them a few days to conclude that ECM was the perfect partner for producing this set. ECM Europe managed to bring the quality of this set to a higher level. This was made possible with the use of various high-grade materials, along with the consistent quality of our experienced employees. Together with The Surgical Company, ECM is now producing a high-quality product that helps to keep patients at a constant healthy body temperature.

ECM activities
- Procurement;
- Support for CE certification;
- Developing production methods in collaboration with The Surgical Company;
- Assembly and packaging in clean room;
- 100% dry leak test.

The Surgical Company about ECM Europe BV

"“The performance of suppliers is essential for us to be and remain successful in the medical world, where quality and reliability are required. ECM stands for both. We rightly see ECM as a partner, not just a supplier. ECM thinks with us, knows our needs and challenges and works closely with us to get the best out of our products. Partly thanks to ECM, we can realize our ambitions.”"

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