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Packaging & sterilization 2.8 milj. swabs for DSM

The COVID-19 virus put our entire society under enormous pressure in 2020. The National Consortium for Medical Devices, requested DSM to set up production for 2.8 million corona test swabs within a short period of time. With our customer-focused attitude we immediately took on the challenge. ECM is a flexible company who was prepared to act quickly in order to deliver a high-quality finished product, and this is why ECM was selected by DSM to pack and sterilize the 2.8 million test swabs, also known as nasal swabs. This was a massive step in the fight against the coronavirus.

ECM's role in the process
DSM requested its network to find a suitable partner for packing the swabs. Within a few days ECM came up with a solution and was ready to go. ECM installed and tested the new machinery  that was required to produce the large amount of nasal swabs. Our team consisted of 35 hard working, flexible, enthusiastic employees who were willing to work longer shifts so that we could complete the order in a timely manner.

Activities of ECM Europe BV
- Quality control during incoming goods inspection on the nasal swabs and the packaging;
- Individual inspections on the labelling, packing and sealing of the nasal swabs in a clean room environment;
- Packing the finished products into unit boxes;
- Boxing for sterilization and expedition to LCH.

DSM about ECM Europe BV

“"We have found a flexible, fast and reliable partner in ECM. The first company that could give a GO when society desperately needed it."

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